SINNESLOSCHEN™ has a tradition of developing the visual and auditory cognitive interface dating back nearly thirty years. We have just completed a twenty-five year commitment to a military contract and are ready to move back into the private sector. We believe our new line of educational and entertainment software will revolutionize the current standard. Our technology can heighten the gaming experience by inducing aggression, provoking fear, and embedding character preferences and aversions. Our educational software provides not only the content but the motivation to learn. We hope parents will appreciate seeing their children stop endlessly playing videogames and begin studying for the first time. Your children will want to play our software for a half and hour each evening before beginning their homework and chores. Finally, we will provide a full line of relaxation and meditation software to help you quit smoking, sleep better, boost confidence, and, put simply, make you a better person.

Welcome to the future of software. Welcome to SINNESLOSCHEN™. We guarantee you will like us.

Enter the world of SINNESLOSCHEN™ and download the software for yourself!